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happy october from the queer supreme

❝ The fact is, wherever we fall on the spectrum, we’re all still sexual minorities. Even LGBT kids growing up right now, in the post-DOMA world, will be put in sex ed classes that won’t teach them anything relevant to their personal sexual health. They’ll go from pediatricians to college clinic doctors to real-world general practitioners who won’t ask them the right questions and won’t give them the treatment they’ll need. They’ll be exploited by marketers of cigarettes, alcohol, and diet pills. They’ll be denied pre-HIV exposure drugs or hormone therapies or surgeries that they are told aren’t medical necessities. They’ll be denied health insurance if they don’t fit within a traditional family unit. They’ll be told to conform to sexual expectations or else deal with the consequences. ❞
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stills of me in this video we did for school



canadians stop commenting on posts like you aint fuckin kill ya native population

brits stop commenting on posts like you aint colonize and enslave like 90% of the globe bc this shit is essentially your fault if you wanna be fuckin real



part 2 | more #intersectionalitymatters posters from YFYE!!

[inspired by the #ineedfeminism social media campaign, Young Feminists / Young Equalists (YFYE) presents #intersectionalitymatters, a campaign dedicated to promoting inclusive social justice and evolving beyond white/cis/straight-centric feminism. 

feel free to create your own and post it on here/instagram/twitter/etc using the hashtag #intersectionalitymatters

you can contact us at:
like us on instagram: @youngfemyoungeq

ft: trangst, black-wwidow, and others]


fun idea: stop telling trans people how hard it is to use their new names and pronouns

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stills of me in this video we did for school

i’m trying to love being little and it works sometimes, then stops working when my friends give me shit for it or something. and i’m scared about next year because if i’m already shorter than all the guys in my high school i’m gonna be microscopic compared to grown ass college men. i wouldn’t care about this if i was cis or if i wasn’t asian which is sad


no one gives a fuck about what a white boy thinks counts as racism

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